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The marriage proposal is perhaps one of the most unique and romantic moments of our life, which manages to sweeten the coldest of hearts. The purchase of an engagement ring is the first step to take on this special occasion in our lives. After having bought the engagement ring with Infinity of London and having personalised it with a phrase engraved on the inside of the stem, we have to decide on the steps to take for the marriage proposal.

The proposal of marriage has its roots already in the times of the Ancient Egyptians, but then the gesture of giving a jewel to your beloved became stronger and more significant in Roman times. It is said that the engagement ring should correspond to 10% of the future husband's salary.

We at Infinity of London do not consider the marriage proposal to be of one type only, that is, the classic one of the man proposing to the woman, but it is also possible that it is the woman who proposes herself to her man, or that it is the man who proposes herself to another man or even a woman to another woman. There is no unique proposal for us at Infinity of London, we believe that every proposal is unique and has every right to be special.

Let us now look specifically at the different types of marriage proposals that exist: there is the simple style, the romantic style and the extravagant style. Every proposal, then, has some fundamental steps to face: the when, where and what to say.

The simple marriage proposal is perfect for couples who do not like to show off their love in front of a crowd of people and therefore choose an intimate moment that has the two loved ones as the only protagonists. When to propose? You can choose an intimate moment that belongs only to you, choose a romantic moment during the day or in the evening. And where should we propose ourselves? You can propose yourself, for example, after a romantic dinner in a small place by candlelight, or in your own home, or imagining a daily scenario, after a romantic picnic in a park, or even after an activity that pleases and unites both. Finally, what to say? It is very important, in my opinion, to let your heart speak in all spontaneity or throw down a few words and memorize them so that you don't risk making a mistake, choosing the evergreen phrase 'Will you marry me?

The romantic proposal of marriage is perhaps the one we all dreamed of since we were little girls, since we admired the romantic Disney films as little girls and we would like to feel like one of the princesses protagonists of that wonderful fairy tale; and as teenagers we remain open-mouthed in cinemas during those films that make us cry and still believe in true love. The romantic marriage proposal is suitable for couples with a romantic and sweet soul, for those couples who toast and swear eternal love during a dinner, for couples who watch each other intensely after a long time and still feel the chills when they are together. There are, however, unavoidable musts to be faced, such as good food, romantic music and the right location. When to propose yourself romantically, shall we say? In my opinion, the date is fundamental. You can choose the date of the first meeting, the first kiss, the beginning of your relationship and so on. Where to propose yourself? Definitely in a romantic restaurant, after a nice candlelight dinner, or during a family dinner so as to ask for a blessing from one's parents, which I think any romantic person considers a fundamental step. What to say and how to say it romantically? The first idea that came to my mind when I was thinking about writing this post and thinking about a romantic proposal was to imagine the scene of two lovers looking up at the sky with their noses and suddenly a plane passes by with a banner that says 'Will you marry me? Or a couple looking down from the window of their flat and there on the street there is a sign made of candles shouting 'Will you marry me?'. Here are some ideas that can be considered romantic, obviously part of my very romantic soul. Another nice idea would be to learn a love poem by a famous writer and recite it with the evergreen sentence at the end, as we have already said, 'Will you marry me?

Finally, the extravagant marriage proposal. I think it is suitable for whimsical couples who want to leave the mark of their love story. I have often seen really extravagant marriage proposals on the Internet, like that man who went to a football stadium with his woman blindfolded. He asked her to pull some ribbons from a large parcel and inside it was a luxury car. The incredulous woman didn't know how to react and trying to thank her man with her eyes she found him kneeling with an engagement ring in his hand and behind him all the friends and acquaintances of the two. Obviously it was a nice 'Yes, I do!'. Another extravagant idea could be to go climbing a mountain together and on the peak of it, hand the ring to your loved one. Another idea that comes to mind could be to go diving together and with the help of friends and relatives holding signs with the fateful phrase written on them and an engagement ring to seal the whole thing. When to propose yourself in an extravagant way? I believe that every moment is the right one as long as it is dictated by the love you feel for the other, an extravagant couple does not need so much advice, they already know what makes the other's heart beat. Where should we propose ourselves? In addition to the above mentioned ideas, I would recommend a very special place like a concert by your favourite singer.

What can I say? I think this is the point that all three variations of simple, romantic and extravagant proposals have in common. Everything has to end with the phrase that everyone dreams of listening to from an early age, 'Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me, do you want to marry me?

Whatever your type of marriage proposal, the important thing is that it suits your personality and makes the other person very happy. Don't forget to buy the right engagement ring for you on Infinity of London.

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