The solitaire ring: how to choose it.

Often we are faced with the choice of which ring is the most suitable for us. Certainly, various factors must be taken into account when choosing a ring. Each ring adorns and embellishes our hands, which are above all expressions of our personality.

An exuberant personality will require a ring that stands up to the woman wearing it: like a solitaire with shoulders with a large central diamond surrounded by many small diamonds, like the R209 model that makes the hand of the person wearing it absolutely unique, without giving up class.

The R284 model is suitable for women with a delicate personality, for mature women but also for younger women who do not want to give up that feeling of class on their hands, even more expressive if the model is in yellow gold.

For a woman who never wants to give up wanting to wear a diamond ring in any circumstance, a solitaire ring with a beating frame is definitely recommended: that is, a ring where the diamond is stuck in the frame like the R127 model, a best seller of the Infinity of London collection. A ring model of which Christian Dior is the founder and ambassador, he created it in the early 1950s and is undoubtedly a timeless and never demodé ring. It is an original ring that rarely disagrees with the most opposite personalities of every woman. The setting wraps the finger with about 4.00 grams of gold and ends up wrapping a diamond that can vary from 0.10ct to 0.60ct. This ring is wearable in any occasion, shock resistant because it can protect the stone and never trivial because of its shape.

A ring, on the other hand, that lends itself to be given as a gift on a thousand occasions is the R300 which has a classic so-called valentine shape with the frame rising like a vortex from below to accommodate the diamond that is undoubtedly more visible if the carat exceeds 0.25ct. This is a ring that is less wearable even on a daily basis, as we could do with the previous R127, but I think it is the meaning of the ring itself, if given as a gift for a wedding proposal or for an important occasion, that determines its versatility.

Keep following the next posts on the Infinity of London blog to keep up to date with new trends and small tips of a company that has been covering its customers with diamonds for decades, always with elegance.

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